Underground Jewel

My first caving experience happened recently and by pure luck, to be honest. While visiting Saint Luois, I noticed a brochure of Meramec Cavern on the tourist stand in the hotel. Being pressed for time and doubting that there will be anyone interested in visiting the place fairly distant from our hotel; I left the idea of making it to the cave till the last minute since that is the time when all the best plans are made!

It all came together early Monday morning when we decided to rent a car and zoom towards the unknown …. And was it ever worth it!


Thousands of years worked to create the miracles of the cave. Artists and electricians took much less time, I would imagine, to give a deserving frame to the underground beauty. The Mirror River is only thigh deep. Yet, when skillfully lit ceiling of the cave reflects in the water, the river seem to be ocean deep and no less.

Having no experience of being in the cave, my original expectation was that it will be dark and cold … which it was since we were 300 feet underground and the lights are usually switched on in only those sections of the cave where to the tour is at any given moment. Despite their truly magnificent and quite powerful looks, all those stalactites, stalagmites and even mountains growing within the cave are extremely fragile and sensitive to light and touch. I guess some universal truths stand constant no matter where you go.

Numerous legends surrounding Meramec Cavern made us almost nostalgic about the times of great adventures and fearless explorations. Though, as historic as it is, Meramec Cavern does not lack modern funk attributes. After visiting cave’s party hall with , of course, a huge disco ball, its wine room and the the theater, we concluded our tour once the theater curtain was closed.


Thanks for reading ❤

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