Chakras: “Give And Take”s in a Relationship

From time to time I attend yoga classes where talks of spirituality are in abundance. It might have been a class of kundalini yoga where I was introduced to the concept of chakras as body energy centers. Our body energy centers are set up for innate yin-yang balance, but gender genetics, social conditioning (and certainly more factors) cause men to “reside” more naturally in their “masculine” chakras, while women “live” more in their “feminine” chakras. In other words, out of 7 chakras, there are 3 that are more active in men, 3 that are more active in women, and 1 that acts as our portal to pure spiritual essence.

I have always been intrigued by the concept of Energy and I am sure that there will be number of posts where I will be trying to make sense of my energy related learnings… As good luck would have it, I was recently guided to a book that spoke about the chakras representation in men and women so I thought it would be interesting to share:




Souls do not have gender separation. Gender matters to people on Earth as it gives us framework and guidance in terms of the role we should play during our lifetime. We do our part by means of personal preferences, capacity and choices. Sahasrara


Souls do not have gender separation. Gender matters to people on Earth as it gives us framework and guidance in terms of the role we should play during our lifetime. We do our part by means of personal preferences, capacity and choices.



Visionary men are the ones who are able to access Anja chakra


Insight / Intuition / Third Eye



Men’s responsibility is to ensure physical and financial wellbeing of the family. Women are responsible for the wellbeing on the energetic level


It would be best and more harmonious for the family if the man defines the social circle. This fact should not endanger woman having her own social connections


Purpose / Self expression

(Create and project ideas into reality, communication internal and external, ability to express truth)




For women self –realization happens within the family. Self – actualization outside of the family is secondary.

When woman has fully opened Anahata chakra, it gives significant impulse and encouragement for her partners full development of Visuddha


The fact that man is receptive does not mean that he will only receive love and not give anything in return. His expression of love might originate in Maladhara (her safety and satisfaction of needs) or in Manipura (satisfaction of her desires)


Love / Compassion

(Love for oneself and others, empathy, forgiveness, transformation, ability to grieve and reach peace)


If a woman is not able to love, she will not be able to realize her full potential (which in full fairness would be hard for any person)





Individuation / Action /  Responsibility

(Power center, ambition, goals, wealth, fame, prestige)





Men can find comfort but they are looking for pleasure.

According to Vedic knowledge, men are the ones enjoying the pleasures. However, a man can feel the joy of satisfaction only through his woman. Men cannot realize pleasure on their own


Intimacy / Going with the flow

(Creativity, relationships, resourcefulness, fantasies, desires and pleasures)


Women feel, relate and create intimacy in relationships. Driven by desire of comfort and enjoyment, they create desires in men. Women themselves are the source of desire as well as the source of pleasure for men.



Ensure basic needs and safety of self and family


Grounding / Stability

(Physical identity and aspects of self, survival, sex, basic needs)



Woman is able to receive energy on this level from her man only when she truly trusts him. In practice, due to psychological and transgenerational traumas women are afraid to trust and do not let anyone care for them


Being in the relationship with our partners, we observe pulsation of masculine – feminine chakras with most precision.  For example: Men want to stay the same (Muladhara: stability), while women want to change them (Svadisthana is all about change and creation).  Women more easily lose themselves in love (weak Manipura, overly open Anahata) whereas men typically find it hard to fully surrender to love (strong Manipura, weaker Anahata).

The duality and the opposition between masculine and feminine pulsation is the greatest on the lower chakras. Sex is such a basic drive because it is the drive to unite Stability (Muladhara actively expressed by men) and Change (Svadisthana embodied by women). The duality is a little less between Individuation (Manipura) and Connection (Anahata) and even less between Personal Truth (Visuddha) and Intuitive Knowing (Anja). Sahasrara is the chakra of unity.

I cannot really make any conclusions based on this information but I am happy to have it so I can dig deeper into it eventually!

  1. As an afterthought: I guess since the duality is strongest on the level of physical bodies and there is a strong drive in both men and women to bridge the gap then that is where Tantra takes its start. Will explore in time for sure!


Thanks for reading


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