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FaceBook: Skin Care Manual I (Cosmetic Skincare)

Realistic approach to facial ageing:

Intrinsic and extrinsic factors of facial ageing Ageing Mosaic: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors of Skin Ageing
Intrinsic factors and ageing types Ageing mosaic: The BIG Picture of Intrinsic Facial Ageing

Facial Toning: Face Building vs Face Yoga

Other interesting reads Feng Shui in Skin Care

Eating for Cause: Skin Care

Body Fat: Visceral & Subcutaneous Fat

Subcutaneous Fat for Plump and Youthful Face



Foundation for Developing Balanced Cosmetic Skincare Routine:

Access your skin type Skin Types
Identify your skin conditions Skin Conditions
Cosmetic skincare to address your skin type and skin conditions  Skin – type and Skin – condition Skincare
Morning and evening skincare routine Skin’s Circadian Rhythm: AM and PM Skincare Routine
pH balanced skincare Intro to pH Balance: Skin and Skin Care

Epidermal Sweet Spot: pH balanced Skin Care Routine

Exfoliation and Acid Mantle

Other interesting reads:  



Introduction to Cosmetic Skincare Formulations: 

Anatomy of the skin  Anatomy of the Skin
Cosmetic skincare vocab  Cosmetic Skincare Vocab
Base ingredients Oil vs Oil / Water- based Skincare

Facial Oils: Coconut and Squalane Oils


Conditioning ingredients Skin and Hair Conditioning Ingredients: Humectants, Occlusive Agents, Emollients
Active ingredients Antioxidants in Skincare

Heroin of Cosmetology: Facial Acids

Facial vitamins

Preservatives Preservatives
Hydration vs moisturizing  Face: Hydration vs Moisturising
Moisturizer formulations  Moisturiser: Formulations and Types
Other  Skincare Nutrients

Fermented skincare: Trend or Future?




Skin Care Products and Routine: 

Skincare application technique  Skincare Product Application Technique
Order of product application  Order of Skincare Product Application


Western Approach


Make-up Remover Make- up Remover Face: Cleanser Evangelist’s Preach


Face Wash Face Wash
Exfoliation Toner  Face: “Toner” Your Way Into Better Tomorrow
Toner Exfoliation  Facial Chemistry: Exfoliation Issue
Essence Mask Face Masks
Treatments Treatments  Treatment Products: Serums, Essences, Ampoules and Boosters

Face: Serums

Face: Essences

Sheet Mask Eye Cream Eye Creams
Eye Cream Chemical Sunscreen Sunscreens and UV rays
Moisturiser Moisturiser / Face oil
Sun Protection Mineral Sunscreen Sunscreens and UV rays
Other:  My skincare routine: Outline







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