Hair Care Order and Etiquette

Pre-poo Nourishing the hair   with moisture and nutrients before the wash You can keep your pre-poo treatment for as little as 30 minutes  or as long as 8 hours (night before the wash)


Before every wash
Wash Washing the “hair”   refers primarily to washing the scalp and roots of the hair


You can use sulfate   – free shampoo, clay or co-wash Optimal number of times to wash the hair is once or twice a week
Conditioner Conditioners cleanse the hair strands


If your scalp is clean but you want to cleanse your hair strand, you could skip the shampoo and use conditioner alone


Hydrating mask (i.e. remember hydration vs moisturizing) Well hydrated hair are soft and flexible


Water is the ultimate moisturizer so make sure that it is listed as primary ingredient in your moisturizing solution






Proper balance of water / moisture and protein is essential for healthy hair. Ensure both are present and applied according to the current needs of the hair

Protein treatment Protein strengthens   and repares the keratin giving hair structure and helping it grow longer and stronger You can use protein   packs, protein conditioning masks, deep penetrating treatments, reconstructors or opt for DIY recipes


Seal Applying hair oil to seal moisture / nutrients as well as to lubricate the hair Seal using LOC or LCO method (Leave – in conditioner / Serum; Cream; Oil)


Remember that not all oils are created equal. Also, when choosing the oil to seal your hair consider thickness and density of your hair


Styling Styling cream and tools As much as possible try not to overindulge into usage of heat activated styling tools. Instead go for air dry and protective hair styles


Maintenance Night time care:

Sleep on satin pillow case or use satin bonnet in order to protect your hair and maintain your curls

2nd / 3rd day options:

Hair up – dos do not hold well on freshly washed hair. However, they are a great styling option for 2, 3 or 4 day. You can use dry shampoo or salt spray to lift up your   roots. You can also re-activate your curls using hydrating sprits

Root touch – up:

You can use stick,   spray or powder in order to conceal the roots


Pro tip –Use hair spray before applying root touch – up powder to the hair. This will help the powder to set



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