Beauty Vocab, Hair

Rapunzel’s Diary: Establishing Hair Care Regimen


Hair and Now for Everyone:

Hair Assessment  Hair Assessment: Hair Types and Health
What does hair need?  Hair(y) Needs: Protein, Hydration and Moisture
Most important thing in hair care  pH Balanced Hair Care
Hair care routine  Hair Care Order and Etiquette
Healthy hair maintenance  
Other  Hair: Hygral fatigue and Water Swelling




Methods  Curly Girl Method

Moisture and Styling: LCO and LOC Methods


Weather  Dew Point and Hair Care





Scalp  Common Scalp Conditions and Treatment Tips


Hair – care treatments  Hair: Detox vs Clarifying

Protein Hair Treatments: Intro


Hydration + Moisture: Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Pre-Poo Treatment



Remedies  Hair Loss Remedy: Tea Rinse

Hair Growth: Rice Water Rinse






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