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Body Fat: Visceral & Subcutaneous Fat


Subcutaneous fat

Visceral fat


What is it?

Fat located directly under the skin

To be precise, subcutaneous fat is located under the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin


“Deep” fat that is unseen because it wraps around your inner organs



What does it do?



Subcutaneous fat is like a protective layer that absorbs the shock helping against trauma to the body, blood vessels, nerves and skeleton. It also stores energy for high activity


Visceral fat is meant to ensure that there is some distance between each inner organ


What does it all mean?

Ageing fat if “too much” or “too little”:

With age subcutaneous fat content will decrease on face (people start to look older) and increase around the belly (people start to look heavier)

Young peoples’ faces / bodies look plump and youthful due to presence of healthy amount of subcutaneous fat. Loss of subcutaneous fat on the face and neck makes people look older and wrinkles more prominent


“Too much” of visceral fat makes it Dangerous fat due to its metabolic activity:

The danger of visceral fat is in its ability to put out inflammatory substances, cytokines,  that can be damaging to the internal organs. Given that visceral fat can be stored around your lungs, heart, digestive tract, liver, it makes sense why it is linked to number of health issues like cancer, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, etc



What causes / contributes to fat accumulation?

–          Lack of physical activity / exercises

–          Lack of sleep

People who sleep 5 / less than 5 h OR 9/ more than 9 h a night tend to have higher level of visceral fat

–          Carbohydrate and sugar rich diet


Shedding fat through exercises


Subcutaneous fat takes longer to shed Visceral fat is the first to go if you implement healthy diet and exercises
Shedding fat through liposuction Can be removed by means of liposuction

However, most of the time people with large amount of subcutaneous fat also have large deposits of visceral fat which is more dangerous and not removable through liposuction


Cannot be removed by means of liposuction


Be aware



Subcutaneous fat is the one you can grasp with your hands on any part of your body. It stretches the skin which is why loos of subcutaneous fat leaves traces of loose skin.

That is why people try to build muscles through exercises in order to “fill” the gap. As applicable to facial youth, people try to maintain healthy level of subcutaneous fat on their face to have plump and youthful look



You do not have to be “fat” to have dangerous level of visceral fat



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