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Dietary Routine: Beta Mode

  • Eat 5 times a day with 3 hour gaps between each meal:
  Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
Purpose To eliminate   To energize   To rebuild
Standard -Apple



Berries / Nuts / Veggies /




-Carbs (low GI)

-Plant – based protein

-Veggies / leafy greens


Yogurt / Veggies -Animal – based protein

-Veggie – based side

-Leafy greens

Sport in the morning -Flax seed mucilage



followed by  exercises



-Leafy greens


  Strong lunch with


-Oatmeal or carbs (best if it is lentils)

-Veggies / leafy greens


Carbs based snack (best if fat free):


-Sweet potato


-Animal – based protein

-Veggie – based side

-Leafy greens


Sport in the afternoon -Apple



Protein snack:


-Turkey roll-ups



-No – bake energy bites

-Roasted chickpeas


-Chia seed pudding

-Egg muffins

-Chunky Monkey shakes


–         Carbs (low GI)

–         Plant – based protein

–         Veggies / leafy greens


Carbs – based snack





1.5 h before the workout


Light protein – based dinner:

–         Fish / eggs / soup

–         Leafy greens

Sport in the evening





Protein – based lunch Light dinner / Strong carbs – based snack


1.5  h before the workout


-Protein – based snack



  • Never skip major meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner. Breakfast should be consumed within 1 hour since you woke up. Dinner is best to be consumed 3 hours before sleep. That said, snacks can be omitted
  • The portion of each major meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) should be the size of 3 fists. For example, breakfast includes apple (1 fist) and oatmeal (2 fists). During lunch and dinner, you can arrange your meal in a way that each food category is equal in size to 1 fist
  • Do not mix carbs with animal based proteins. Possible combinations are: animal based proteins + veggies OR slow releasing carbs + plant based proteins + veggies
  • If you do measurements than please know that proteins are measured when already cooked while carbs are measured before cooking
  • Leafy greens, fibers and non – starchy veggies are not included in the daily calories count
  • Allow 2.5 – 3 hours between each time you eat
  • It is best to eat fruits solo (as part of a snack)
  • Fruits and nuts should be consumed before 12 pm
  • Potatoes, carrots, beets and other veggies with high glycolic index eat no later than lunch
  • Dairy products should be consumed before 5 pm
  • Avoid yogurts that use gelatin or thickeners
  • Diversify your food within each food group to maximize the range of nutrition intake
  • Avoid cooking with oil: due to heat, it breaks down and becomes toxic. If I have to use oil for cooking, I use oil with high smoke points. Otherwise, use cold pressed oils to spice the food after it has been cooked
  • Optimal daily water intake is 3-7% of total body weight. Tea, coffee and any fluids altered in taste or color are not considered water



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