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Vitamin List

The list of vitamins and schedule of their intake is based on the suggestions of the lifestyle blogger I follow. Since I did not develop my own systematic approach to vitamin intake yet, I decided to temporarily adopt the system offered by someone whose opinion I trust. That said, in few months’ time, I plan on doing extensive blood test in order to evaluate relevance of this schedule for my particular case.


Element Benefits Product details Schedule of intake Remarks
Vitamin C (Ester) – Strengthen immune system

– Repair damaged cells

– Make skin glow

Ester – C

500 mg




Good brand: Sologar

Always / Daily (with food)


1 pill / morning – non – smokers


2 pills (morning / lunch) – smokers

 *Fat – soluble


Vitamin E – Antioxidant Vitamin E / Aplha Tocopherol



1 m take / 1 m skip


Twice a day





*Fat – soluble


Letter “d” before the tittle indicates that Vitamin E was derived from natural components


Letters “dl” preceding the tittle indicate that Vitamin E is synthetically derived and should be avoided


!!! Vitamin E might not be compatible with some blood medications / blood conditions

Beta – Carotene   Carrots


Carrot juice (50 mg)


Always / Daily Beta- carotene is digested and absorbed better in the presence of oil.


If you take carrot juice to chase Vitamin E after breakfast, it is great combo. If you choose to   eat carrots, make sure to season them with olive or coconut oil

Krill Oil – Best among fish oils

– Matches cell membranes

– Enhances immune and reproductive systems

– Anti – ageing


Krill Oil





Good brands: Biocyte; Aragan

Always / Daily


Follow the schedule provided by the manufacturer

Take krill oil together with salad seasoned with flax / canola oil


Can be administered to kids / teens (check first)

B5 –   Critical in formation of Co-enzyme A

– Takes part in production of cortisol

– Adrenal gland health


500 mg

Always / Daily


2 times before food (5 min)

 *Water – soluble
Chlorophyll –          Lymph detox

–          Blood builder

–          Skin healing

–          Lactation stimulation


100 mg


Good brands: Biocyte; Solaray

Daily during 1 – 2 month course


100 mg / day

*Water – soluble


Can be administered to teens (check first)

Silica   Silica

50 mg pill form/ 30 – 40 ml liquid   form


  *Trace mineral


Ingest silica after meat – free meal


DIM    /

DIM– plus

–          Improve the way estrogen and other reproductive hormones are metabolized in the body

–          Increase “favorable” estrogen while reducing the level of “less favorable” estrogens

DIM – Plus



Good brands: Source Naturals, Solaray

 2 – 3 months / 2 – 3 times a year




–         Important coenzyme and antioxidant

–         Protects cells from toxins

–          Helps to rebuild damaged cells


CO – E1, NADH by Birkmayer Healthy:


1 month course of daily CO-E1 5mg


After, CO- E1 5mg pill 2 – 3 times a week



CO- E1 20 mg pill when need boost of energy; during /after sickness, competition; after the flight



Health issues:


1 month course of CO – E1     10 mg ingested 5 days a week and 2 days rest



This homeopathic supplement helps the body to repair itself. That being said, it works when healthy   lifestyle habits are consistently being followed. It works in addition to the vitamins and minerals base which is listed above
Vitamin D       Vitamin D is incompatible with Vitamin E. As such, it could be ingested when taking a break from Vitamin E


Aloe Vera Alternative to vitamins when taking a break / travelling Aloe Vera Juice Dosage and duration of Aloe Vera Juice ingestion depends on the concentration of the juice. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer



  • Vitamin brands

I was suggested following brands with solid base product formulations: Solgar; Solaray; Vit’all+; Doctor’s best; Source Naturals’ MRM. Biocyte would be a more premium brand among the ones suggested to me


  • Vitamin ingestion

It might be fair to say that most of us think a lot more about eating foods than about digesting them. That being said, unless the body is efficiently breaking down and effectively absorbing the nutrients, we do not get all the benefits of the food we consume even if our diet is full of fruits, vegetables, fresh salmon, organic meat and quinoa. Part of the reason of poorly digested food resides with our poor chewing habits. Taking the time to chew the food (30 – 40 times) activates the enzymes in the mouth and lets the brain recognize the nutrients in order to digest, access and direct them appropriately. How do our chewing habits relate to vitamins ingestion? Well, the efficiency of vitamins consumed in a pill shell is said to be drastically lower than the efficiency of the vitamin pills that are chewed with food / dissolved in your mouth before swallowing since the body can better recognize / direct the vitamins.


  • Water balance

The effect of dietary supplements (minerals and vitamins) on kidney health depends on an individual’s underlying issues and on the supplements taken. This is why it is important to consult with the doctor and do your due diligence in understanding the products before embracing the vitamin world. Whatever is the case, it is extremely important to consume a minimum of 1.5 L of water a day in order to ensure proper work of kidneys.


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