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Balanced Diet: Minerals

While writing the previous post – Vitamins and Minerals: To BE or Not To Be? – I arrived to the conclusion that mineral and vitamin supplements were to make their way into my self – care routine. Both minerals and vitamins are critical for our health so sufficient intake of those elements is very important. That being said, mineral balance is a very delicate matter so, as to not turn self – care into self – cure, I suggest doing blood test specifically checking levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients before proceeding with any kinds of dietary supplements.

Compared to vitamins, minerals have a much more stable structure. However, mineral balance in the body is very fragile since there is only a very thin line between “just enough” and “too much”. As a result, my approach to mineral replenishment is mostly lifestyle based with inclusion of one supplement:


  1. Silica

When people are young, they naturally have higher levels of silica which is reflected in the presence of firm, wrinkle – free skin and flexible pain – free joints. As people age, their silica levels start to decline and they struggle to maintain good levels of collagen in their bodies which leads to noticeable changes in their hair, nails, teeth, joints, bones and heart health. That being said, in areas where soil has low levels of silica, people might develop silica deficiency even in their young years. Aside from its anti-ageing effects, silica is an antioxidant and can detoxify the body in a variety of ways.

I do make sure to eat silica – rich foods which include oats, rice, flaxseeds, avocados, onions, cucumbers, etc.  That being said, I also believe in moderate intake of silica supplements even without doctor’s prescription.


  1. Mineral water and electrolytes

If we consider naturally grown foods to be nutrient and mineral rich, we should not exclude mineral water from naturally available replenishment options.

Mineral water Still Mineral water that comes directly from the source of natural springs. The amount of minerals and trace elements in the water depends on the source, bottling method and storage practices


Bubbly While not all mineral waters are “sparkling”, the bubbly varieties get their effervescence from naturally-occurring gases


Some manufacturers choose to artificially add more carbon dioxide after mineral water has been bottled


Carbonated water Club soda Carbonated water that has been infused with added minerals. The amount of minerals added depends on the manufacturer


Added minerals give club soda slightly salty taste


Sparkling / Seltzer water Still water that has been carbonated hence the pure, clean taste of water


There are no minerals being added


Tonic water Carbonated water that contains minerals. It also contains quinine which gives tonic water its bitter taste



I usually have a glass of San Pellegrino (sparkling mineral water) upon coming home from work. I tend to be hungry by that time which might or might not be a factor facilitating the absorption.

As much as we can consume minerals (many of which are classified as electrolytes) from foods and drinks, our bodies excrete minerals through water (urine, sweat, vomiting, diarrhea, etc).  As such, replenishment is critical. Mineral water and coconut water are the best sugar – free options for electrolyte replenishment. There are numerous electrolyte- rich drinks available on the market; however, you can make DIY Gatorade for maximum – electrolyte and minimum – sugar purposes.


  1. High quality salt

Make it a point to use Celtic Sea Salt or better yet Himalayan Salt for all cooking and baking purposes. It is suggested to purchase darker salts since they have higher concentration of “impurities” and trace minerals.


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