Skin Conditions

Speaking about skin types, it is important to mention popular confusion of skin types and skin conditions.

  Skin type Skin condition
Determined by –          Genetics

–          Size of sebatious gland


–          Genetics

–          Hormones

–          Environment

Skin conditions occur in many different skin types and include loss of muscle tone, loss of elasticity, dull complexion, irritation, inflammation, dehydration, dryness, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, acne and numerous other ones. Just to cover a few of them:

Loss of muscle tone Despite their promises, cosmetic products are powerless here. As such, there will be separate series of posts regarding the exercises meant to tone facial muscles.

If you are interested, you could easily search “facial gymnastics” and “facial exercises”. A word of caution: facial muscles work as a system. It is best that you understand the algorithm of operation prior to proceeding with facial exercises


Pigmentation / Hyper -pigmentation


Brown or white irregular patches on the skin



Congestion under the surface of the skin




Although the lower layers of the epidermis are moist, there is a significant decline in extracellular water content as new cells migrate toward the skin surface. Stratum corneum holds only very small amount of water to maintain its structure and be able to serve its function: minimise the loss of water and maintain skin barrier





Wrinkles start to appear due to poor support of the dermis to the epidermis. Loss of collagen, damage to collage and elastin fibres in the dermis, loss of blood flow vessels in the dermis and structural changes in the junction between dermis and epidermis are all factors in wrinkle formation



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