Skin – type and Skin – condition Skincare

Skin type and skin condition need separate care!!!

Information in this post started to make sense for me only when I was able to distinguish between skin types and skin conditions. Just in case, the links to the posts are enclosed:

With “skin type” products we can control “the problem”: oil production / oil barrier. For example, with dry skin type, we can select product that will help to re-create a lipid barrier on the skin in order to protect the skin and prevent further drying. With oily skin, we can select skincare products which will “optimise” oil production and prevent pores from clogging. Skin types can be controlled but not treated.

With “skin condition” products we can treat skin conditions since they were caused by external factors. For example, we can re-hydrate a dehydrated skin; we can treat blemishes and breakouts by unclogging pores; we can manage skin pigmentation by means of laser treatments; we can tone facial muscles by doing facial gymnastics, etc.

Separating skincare products based on skin type and skin condition makes perfect sense to me. If you agree with me on the concept of separation of skincare products, then my research led me to believe in the following principle:


Product categories included


Skin – type skincare products


Skin type –          Cleansers

–          Toners

–          Moisturisers

–          Sunscreens


Skin  condition skincare products


Skin condition –          Exfoliation

–          Treatment products (essences, serums, ampoules)

–          Masks

–          Eye creams


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