Skin’s Circadian Rhythm: AM and PM Skincare Routine

The more I read about cosmetic skincare products, the more persistent bloggers and beauty professionals become about separating AM skincare routine from PM.  Our skin is a complex organ that functions like a clock with a circadian rhythm which affects dermal functions. As such, the needs of our skin differ depending on the time of day.

  Major goal Tasks to do Appropriate Skincare Guideline
Day Protective state



The skin is exposed to threats from the external environment: UV rays, pollution, transdermal water loss, weather, make-up, etc


Skincare products you use should act to shield against external and environmental threats


Night Repair and renewal mode


The safe and controlled environment provides perfect opportunity for the skin to regenerate new skin cells and cycle oxygen and nutrients


Skincare products you apply should work to treat from any damage caused by the above factors



General guideline for AM and PM targeted cosmetic skincare products

In order to develop well balanced skincare routine please keep in mind that:

1)      Between the 11 pm and 6 am, our skin renews itself and regenerates new skin cells. This is the reason why treatment products rich with skincare nutrients are advisable as part of PM skincare routine

2)      During the nighttime, our skin is more permeable: it is warmer which is what makes it more receptive to the skincare products you apply. That said, if things can get in, things can get out too. Meaning to say that warmer skin is prone to perspiration and water loss. As such, transepidermal water loss is high during the night

3)      Due to the overnight purification through perspiration and water loss, the skin is dry and the barrier might be impaired. As such, hydration and UV protection are essential part of morning routine to replenish the skin and shield it from external damaging factors


  Purpose and texture Ingredients to include
AM – targeted skincare products – UV protection


– Light in texture:

Fast absorption for ease of layering the products and make – up application


–          Hydration


–          SPF / Broad Spectrum

 PM – targeted skincare products –          Thick and rich in texture:

Slower absorption but more   intensive action

–          Nourishing and moisturizing


–          Facial acids

–          Retinol

–          Vitamins

–          Antioxidants



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