Skincare Nutrients

The major guiding principle for creating a balances skincare regiment is:

1)      You need to incorporate hydration (water) and lipid barrier protection (oil)

2)      You need to identify active ingredients your skin needs and know their solubility (dissolved in oil or water)

This post presents three major categories of active ingredients that you skin might need. Once you access your skin condition and type you will know what ingredients your skin needs.

  Antioxidants Skin replenishing ingredients Skin restoring ingredients
How do they work?  Intercept or lessen visible impact of the environmental problems on the skin


Fortify and revive skin’s surface by supplying long – lasting infusion of hydration Care for the skin’s surface in a way that help to transform it to appear noticeably younger
Major function Limit production of free radicals that damage skin cells


Help to resist moisture loss Improve skin tone and texture
Examples Natural and lab made antioxidants and vitamins.

This list is endless


Some of the most researched and popular ones are:

–          Hyaluronic acid

–      Sodium hyaluronate

–          Ceramides

–          Fatty acids

–          Amino acids

–          Salicylic acid

–          Glycolic acid

Some examples are:

–          Retinol

–          Niacinamide

–          Green tea

–          Peptides

–          Linoleic acid

–          Linolenic acid

–          Adenosine



Running ahead of myself, I’ll mention that most of the bio-active ingredients are water soluble. As such, appropriate your skin’s needs in a way that you still keep the balance between hydration (water) and lipid barrier protection (oil).


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