Eye Creams

The area around the eyes is one of the first places where you will see signs of ageing. Knowing how sensitive this skin area is and how sensitive women are about ageing, eye cream producers seem to compete based on the creative marketing promises rather than come up with effective products.

General guidelines for use of eye creams

1)      Keep realistic expectations about the product! No eye cream is going to eliminate wrinkles, lift sagging skin or erase puffiness and dark circles. Eye creams will help to hydrate, smooth skin texture, and visibly firm, brighten, and diminish the look of fine lines, circles, some types of puffiness and wrinkles.

2)      Purchase eye creams that are packaged in airtight containers! Remember that antioxidants, vitamins, acids and other active ingredients break down upon contact with air. As such, if your eye cream has jar packaging, the potency of the product decreases every time you open a lid. Such product packaging promotes bacteria growth and microbe contamination. Those are the two reasons sales of cosmetic products in jar packages decreases every year.

3)      Eye creams should be fragrance free. Whether natural (like essential oils) or synthetic, fragrance is a strong source of sensitizing and allergic reactions.


Eye creams and time of application

Day cream

Night cream


–          Creams that improve the appearance of the skin and protect from the sun damage



–          Rich consistency

–          Ingredients with skin – repair potential (retinol, vitamins, etc)



Eye cream formulations


Eye gel

Eye cream

Formulation Non –oily substances (like silicone, etc) + water + active ingredients


Oil + water + active ingredients combined in a gentle formulation
Major function



Moisturising and Nourishing

Texture –          Light texture

–          Fast absorption

–          Thick / rich texture

–          Oil takes time to get absorbed


What does it do? –          Reduce puffiness by soothing and cooling

–          Hydrating in nature and the skin around the eyes is thin thus prone to UV damage and water loss


–          Nourish and plum up the skin

–          Soften the appearance of fine lines

Suggested time of use



Works well under make-up and is easily absorbed. Also, works well with sunscreen for around the eye area 


Great for night time skin restoration. Also, oil might cause concealer to crease


Eye creams and skin conditions

As I mentioned before, eye creams are part of the supplemental skin care which is based on your skin condition. Here are few skin conditions as applicable to the area around the eye:


Cause of the skin condition

Ingredients to look for


Fine lines and wrinkles


–          Sun damage

–          Loss of collagen due to aging




Collagen boosters:

–          Vitamin C

–          Peptides

–          Retinol


–          Hyaluronic acid

–          Ceramide



Dark circles



–          Genes

–          Sun damage

–          Blood build-up



After 6 m of continuous use, those ingredients will help to thicken the skin:

–          Vitamin C

–          Sodium ascorbate





–          Buildup of fluid and blood

–          Dry eyes

–          Inflammation process / Allergies


–          Caffeine

–          Ferulic acid

–          Retinol





–          Thin and sensitive skin

–          Sun damage / weather


Hydration is the key here. Avoid heavy creams!

–          Hyaluronic acid


Bags under the eyes



–          Loss of elasticity of the skin (due to aging)


–          Retinol

–          Vitamin K

–          Vitamin E


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