Skincare Product Application Technique

Skincare product application technique can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like it to be. I personally prefer to stick with the method that is reasonable and manageable to daily practice with inclusion of few steps that are optional but very beneficial.

Optional preparatory steps for skincare product application

1)      Since facial skin is very delicate, we should be focused and gentle when working with it. Before application of each product, it is best that you take few full breaths in order to bring focus and mindfulness to the process.

2)      Rub your hands to warm them up. As your hands warm, they will have smoother contact with the skin which will make it easier to spread the product. Another benefit of warming up the hands is that the heat activates the ingredients in the skincare products which facilitates their absorption into the skin upon application.

3)      Reflexology views human ears as a microsystem representing the entire body. Once you warm your hands, you can do some light ear massage to activate all those powerful reflex points which will make your body more receptive to the topically applied skincare products. 


Skincare product application technique

General rule of facial product application: All products are to be applied from bottom moving up and from the center moving to the periphery following the massage lines.


If you want to up your skincare application game, you can incorporate simple self-massage into your routine. Self-massage is an excellent tool for activating blood flow to your skin, decreasing swelling of the face and keeping the tone of the muscles.

If you decide to self-massage your face, you should seriously consider doing preparatory steps first.  Once you are ready, you should complete all four steps mentioned below for each product you apply to your skin (using the general application guideline):

1)      As you apply and spread the product on your fingers, you slide and sooth it into the skin

2)      With your fingertips, tap the product into your skin

3)      Lightly pinch the skin (fix the fold of the skin ever so slightly)

4)      Using the whole palm of your hand press the product into your skin (as if fixing the product on your face or your face in general)


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