Face: Serums

Some describe serums as lightweight moisturisers which is true only in part. Serums are more potent than moisturisers since they do not contain any thickeners. They have high concentration of active ingredients which makes them so precious for consumers and pricey for producers.

Remember that the objective of serum is to address the current condition of your skin. Choose formulations that are balanced, stable and safe.

If serum contains facial acids, it is best to be applied at night only.


Serums classified by base product:

Traditional serums are water based. However, as the face oils trend grows, more oils are marketed as serums.

Water based Oil based
Most common base product Water (H2O) or aloe  

Argan, jojoba or avocado oil


More suitable for


Oily skin Drier skin

Best time of use




Water based serums absorb faster. It is easier to apply make-up over water based serums as well




Oil takes longer to soak into the skin. Oil based serum will revitalize the skin by the morning time


Order of application


After toner and before moisturiser On top of moisturiser






Lightweight care


Deep nourishing care



I am a huge fan of face oils; however, I consider coconut oil and squalene oil to be the only stable and safe products to be applied on the skin. I would read the label of the product but by the looks of it, water based serums are going to be my choice.



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