On Our Moon: Women’s Circles

Over the last few years, I visited a few women circles that were held in my yoga studio. I enjoyed the experience every single time because of how engaging the activities usually were and how emotionally intimate those activities enabled people to be with themselves and others. The content of meetings would depend on the speaker / leader; however, it was always in reference of human connection to the Moon. Originally, the idea of Moon Temple seemed profoundly yogish and a bit “out there” but eventually the beauty of the experience overpowered the conventional logic and I was able to breathe into it fully…


Moon cycle

The Moon revolves around the Earth once every 29.5 days as seen by the observer on the Earth / 28 days from the viewpoint of the stars. One half of the Moon is always lit by the Sun while another half is always shadowed. That said, the part of the Moon that we see in the sky on any given day depends on where it is on the orbit (from which direction the sunlight is hitting it) and our point of view (the angle that we see the Moon from the Earth). To be more precise it is not so much about the Moon as it it about the Sun and the Earth since the Moon itself does not radiate the light but rather reflects the sunlight back to the Earth.


Phases of the Moon

New Moon At this stage in the Lunar cycle, the Moon is located between the Sun and the Earth with its un- illuminated half facing the Earth hence the term Dark Moon. We can not see the Moon during the night but, interestingly enough, we could see it during the day


Waxing Moon Thin illuminated part of the Moon that is growing is called Waxing Crescent


First Quarter Moon After about 7 days from the start of the Lunar cycle, we get to see First Quarter Moon. The name of the Moon at this stage reflects the fact that the Moon has moved one quarter of its way through the orbit. Next comes Waxing Gibbous


Full Moon


Two weeks after the start of the Lunar cycle, the Moon reaches its zenith. It moved half way through the orbit and is now located 180 degrees across the Sun. This means that now the Earth is located between the Sun and the Moon. It also means that we see the half of the Moon that is fully illuminated by the Sun and is represented by the perfect silvery sphere in the night sky


Waning Moon Once the Moon continues to move through the orbit, its distance to the Sun starts to decrease and so the waning (shrinking) phase of the Lunar cycle begins


Third Quarter Moon the Moon has made three quarters of the way through the orbit and is at a 90 degree angle with respect to the Earth and the Sun




Monthly dynamic of relating to the Moon

Due to the spiritual nature of women circles, there are always references made to the Universe, the balance of feminine and masculine energies, the ebb and flow of life, etc. Generally speaking there are no strict rules for where you would like to draw the inspiration so the hosts often play with ideas from pre-Christian pagan Europe, ancient Asian philosophical schools as well as modern day discoveries. It must be a beautiful combination of numerous sources that eventually came to describe the dynamic of energetic relationship with the Moon:


New Moon Yang Set intentions that are heart and body felt New Moon is a very potent time within the lunar cycle


Crescent Moon Yin Breath and relax into your intentions letting the seed grip  


When the Moon is growing larger in the sky, it is time to grow planted seeds and building on what you have started under the New Moon. The larger the Moon grows, the more powerful it gets


First Quarter Moon Yang Take action to nourish the seeds you have planted and the intentions you have set


Gibbous Moon Yin Trust that the seeds will sprout and intentions will come into form at the perfect time


Full Moon Yang Move forward with set intention OR course correct in case you realize that the intention was set not for the best or not in the right time This is the time when the Moon’s energy is at its peak making it a great moment for asking the Moon for assistance in almost anything you want to accomplish, setting up plans and releasing old patterns that no longer serve you


Disseminating moon Yin Receive the fruition with gratitude. Seek guidance for successful transformation



When the Moon is growing smaller, it is great to work on banishing negative things and influences from your life

Third Quarter Moon Yang The time of reaping. Give back from the place of abundance


Balsamic Moon Yin Reflect with thanks. Rest, meditate, focus on personal matters, questions and answers to restore for the new cycle 3 days prior to the New Moon, you can not see the moon in thist phase which typically represents the time of rest and opportunity to replenish energies before starting the new cycle



Given the above dynamic of energetic exchange with the Moon, women circles are usually held during the time of the New or Full Moon.

Spiritual events are hard to describe and systematize in a table format. Spiritual sessions do not always fit the “norm” box which makes them interesting, enticing and potentially tricky. Women circles graciously held by the Dharma Temple pick my curiosity and actually inspire beautiful personal experiences. With that in mind, I will let myself get openly curious in esoterics and  spiritual practices.


Thank for reading,

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