Curly Girl Method

Throughout the years of my childhood and youth, I wondered why my hair was so unruly, frizzy and most surprisingly not straight!?!  I was around 20 years old when I got my first haircut in the salon which is exactly when I met my curls for the very first time. Recently I had my first DevaCut where I was briefly introduced to the Curly Girl Method. I have not had a chance to read “Curly Girl: The Handbook” and, in all fairness, I do not see myself prioritizing this book over numerous other ones on my To- Read list. As such, my understanding of the Curly Girl Method is based on the reading summary and practical experiences of other people.


What is Curly Girl Method?


Curly Girl Method is based on the work of Lorraine Massey (Curly Girl: The Handbook) which trades hair damaging habits (shampooing, heat styling, etc) for a healthy hair regimen using just conditioner and gel.


Curly Girl Method Do’s and Don’t’s


Don’t’s Do’s
Heat styling tools Use botanical, sulfate -free cleansers and silicone- free conditioners
Combs and brushes Clarify your hair once a month
Sulphates / Sulfates Deep condition hair once a week
Silicones Air dry
Drying alcohol  


Curly Girl How – to:


Following table describes the routine that Lorraine Massey recommends for all members of curly community.  The system makes appropriate adjustments for people with wavy, curly and coily hair as well:


Steps suggested by the Curly Girl Method Description Tips based on the hair texture
Cleanse Gently scrub and stimulate the entire scalp with fingertips (no nails!) Wavy – You can use shampoo but only once a week. Condition your hair before and after using shampoo


Curly – Cowash your hair with water and condition once a week


Coily – In between cowash days, wet your hair and proceed to conditioning

Condition Smooth conditioner over your hair in sections. As you section your hair, you can finger detangle or use wide tooth comb. Then apply more conditioner and sooth it over the sections. This way you will encourage consistency of the curl pattern as well as distribute the product evenly Wavy – Rinse your hair but leave just a bit of conditioner in your hair


Curly – Rinse the conditioner out of the hair but leave some of it in


Coily – Hold conditioner in your hair for additional moisture and rinse it out completely afterwards


Dry & Style Bend forward and blot dry by cupping curls in a towel or t-shirt. Never wring or disturb your curls Wavy – Encourage your girls to form with extra scrunching or by doing pin curls


Curly – When hair is completely! dry, bend forward and fluff from underneath to create lift. Do not touch the top layer to avoid frizz


Coily – Lorraine suggests a wash and go. Though many people style as they please while making sure to avoid the heat


Based on the feedback of Curly Girl followers, the method advocates safe ingredient list and simple hair-care product routine.


Given that many cosmetic ingredients have been classified as “damaging” for the hair, as a consumer and follower of the Curly Girl Method you have to put extra effort into finding of the “safe” products. Some people have a cheat list with names of “damaging” and “safe” ingredients that they take with them when shopping for hair products. With such a strict ingredient regulation, it is quite a relief that there are only few products that the Curly Girl Method strongly promotes using:

–          Cleanser

–          Conditioner

–          Deep conditioner

–          Gel

–          Hair clarifying cleanser or mask

There are number of people who closely follow Curly Girl Method but expand styling options (LCEG or LEG method) or nourishing options (LOC method), etc. Generally speaking, development of a haircare routine is a lengthy process of trial and error. With Curly Girl’s ingredient restriction, the process can become extremely overwhelming which is why some people suggest using hair diaries for the first little while in order to gain understanding of your hair as well as its preferences and tendencies.


Curly Girl Method’s hair care algorithm is easy to understand; however, I can see why some people find it overwhelming to follow it to a T and resort to Modified Curly Gild Method instead.  That said, my DevaCut and No-Poo Transformation experience gave me the most tight, consistent and structured curls of my life. I doubt that I will become a die-hard follower of the Curly Girl Method; however, seeing the deference that it makes, I will certainly inclined to become a member of Modified Curly Girl community.


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