Sunshine Coast, BC: Discovering the state of serenity

If you are looking to indulge into the precious company of your partner during the romantic gateway or to simply enjoy the serenity of nature without compromising the luxury of vacation stay, Rockwater Secret Cove Resort is a hidden gem of Sunshine Coast, BC that is absolutely wort being discovered. Upon learning about the resort, we certainly explored the best of it by making a memorable weekend stay in the beautiful tent-house nested on the forest’ cliff.

 The resort is located right on the rocky shoreline of Strait of Georgia which means that, as a visitor, you get unbeatable view and uninterrupted sound of the ocean while still enjoying privacy of the forest living. The waves gently clashing on the rocks create the rhythm of continuity and peace that you can count on. The breeze is most certainly fresh but it fits the environment so much that it adds more character to the ambiance rather than creates any discomfort. Sky gazing … well, it is an activity of its own kind in Sunshine Coast. Due to absence of light pollution, the sky and the starts are just beautiful to watch.


Rockwater Secret Cove Resort accommodations are spread across fairly large area of land where forest meets the waters of Strait of Georgia. The types of accommodation range from motel looking rooms to single family cabins to private luxurious tent- houses. Even though the amenities offered by the resort (such as swimming pool, beach, bar, restaurant, spa, etc) are available to all residents during their stay, your experience of the resort will largely depend on the type of accommodation you decide to pick. Having spent the weekend in the tent-house, we felt no need for leaving our accommodation other than the time we had to check out.


The tent-house section of the resort has separate entrance. In order to get to your tent, you should make a scenic walk along the forest beach line. All tent – houses seem to share the same exterior and interior design. However, in best tradition of real estate, the class of your tent – house depends on its location, location, location! In other words, the more private the location and the closer the tent house is to the waterfront, the more premium your resort experience would be.  That said, as long as you stay in the tent – house, you are guaranteed an impressive view and memorable weekend.




What made a particular memory for me at Rockwater Resort? The sunset that we watched from the privacy of our hot tub … the brightness of the moonshine as we saw it from under the ancient pine trees …. the romantic ambiance of that night. Above all, I remember how intimate the rain storm felt that nigh!!! The rain was ruthlessly smashing on the roof of our tent throughout the whole night. The sound of rain was so strong and loud that it seemed like the only thing you could possibly hear. Yet, the tent was so well constructed and the interior of it was so extremely cozy that the rain lullabied me to sleep before I even knew it. There were few particularly strong wind gusts that made me wake up in the middle of the night but, as soon as I opened my eyes, I could see our fire place burning safely and the reassuring, warm golden bleaks around the room … The nature had to do what it had to do that night and I am so happy we had a chance to experience that intimate moment from the safety of our tent. It is amazing how guarded and relaxing our sleep was in the middle of such strong and raw rain storm.


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