Hair Loss Remedy: Tea Rinse

Tea is one of my most favorite drinks on Earth. In fact, when I feel overwhelmed, tea time is my escape and healing meditation. I fully indulge and enjoy the benefits of tea drinking and, given my recent findings, my hair might start enjoying its tea time soon as well.

Tea Rinses for Hair:

Tea rinses are a very simple way of supplementing hair care routine when you want to address irritated scalp and / or excessive shedding of the hair. Teas work great at stimulating the blood flow to the scalp and promoting hair growth.


Tea Rinse Preparation:

Ingredients 3 tbsp. of tea (loose and unsweetened)

2 cups of boiling water


Preparation 1)      Steep the tea for 5 – 10 minutes

2)      Strain the tea

3)      Let it cool until room temperature



Be aware  

–          Add honey(humectant) to the tea in order to enhance the benefits of the hair rinse

–          Delude the tea rinse with plain water, if needed

–          Tea rinses can be drying and so they do not have to be part of your usual routine. It is more of a remedy to address irritated scalp and shedding of the hair



When it comes to tea rinses, they all work to strengthen your hair and support hair growth. That being said, there are many kinds of teas you could choose from:

–          Green tea – exfoliates dry flakes and dandruff, promotes hair growth and reduces shedding of the hair

–          Black tea – strengthens and thickens the hair, adds luster naturally and darkens hair

–          Nettle – helps with dandruff and strengthens hair strands

–          Rosemary – stimulates fair follicles for hair growth

–          Chamomile – soothes scalp irritation, fights dandruff, nourishes and  naturally lightens the hair

There are numerous teas to choose from so all you need is find which one is right for your hair/ scalp condition. The main thing to remember is that caffeine inhibits production of DHT, a compound that promotes hair loss, which is why all tea rinses are able to address shedding of the hair. That said, you should examine your diet, lifestyle and hair products to know the real reason behind your hair loss issues.

Please keep in mind that teas can often have drying properties due to presence of caffeine. As such, there are number of people who suggest using caffeine –free/ decaffeinated teas for hair rinses to start with: you might be able to address the needs of your hair without affecting its moisture level. There are also people whose hair is able to take stronger tea rinses. You will know your hair’s capacity once you try different kinds of tea rinses (just don’t forget to follow up with a deep conditioner!).


Tea Rinse Application:

Tea Rinse (Focus on Scalp) Tea Rinse (Hair and Scalp)
–          Wash your hair

–          Apply tea rinse to your scalp only(using applicator bottle)

–          Let it sit on you scalp for 5 -15 minutes

–          Apply deep conditioner to your hair as you let tea rinse soak into your scalp

–          Wash your hair clean


–          Wash your hair

–          Apply tea rinse your hair and scalp

–          Wait 5 – 45 minutes

–          Rinse your hair with clean water

–          Deep condition your hair

–          Wash your hair clean



Tea rinses are not meant to be a weekly ritual. They are remedies that you can count on when you need to address irritated scalp or excessive shedding of the hair.


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