Kitchen under Control: #PantryGoals

If your pantry is perfect…ly messy, the world of home organization ideas has a lot to offer and maybe even surprise you with. Pantry is certainly reflective of our culinary preferences, lifestyle choices, perception of flow and organizational creativity given design of the space. As such, pantry is an extremely personal space which cannot be fully replicated by another person. That said, there are few tips that helped me to reach my current #pentrygoals :

1)      Zone your pantry

Divide your pantry in zones in order to keep your food organized and easily accessible.

Once you identify food and culinary categories that suit your lifestyle, you will be able to group food items accordingly and designate space for each category depending on the frequency of use. For example, you could zone your pantry considering supplies needed for everyday cooking, baking, snacks, impromptu entertaining, tools and appliances, etc.


2)      Optimize vertical space by using shelf helpers or baskets for stacked storage

In the minds of majority, separate small space off the kitchen to store food represents kitchen pantry. That said, if your kitchen is also your pantry, you work to optimize all available space and areas. Shelf helpers, boxes and baskets are invaluable tools for vertical space optimization.


3)      Invest in clear containers

Clear containers are a great storage solution for bulk-bin items, like grains, quinoa, rice, nuts, etc. Having clear containers in the pantry makes all items easily accessible and eliminates the need for labeling thus making containers more versatile in terms of use.

Most clear containers are made of glass or plastic:

Plastic containers Glass containers
Convenience –         Lightweight

–          Modular



–         Bulky

–         Rarely modular

Glass containers have more artistic presentation; however, they are not optimizing the space as efficiently as plastic containers do


Composition Safety Choose plastic containers wisely in order to avoid / minimize chemical leakage:


–          Know the resin identification code!

The code ranging from 1 to 7 is listed on the bottom of plastic food storage containers.


Safest: 1, 2, 4 and 5

Not advisable:  3 (contains vinyl / polyvinyl chloride (PVC) / Bispherol – A (BPA); 6 (contains polysterene); 7 (contains Bispherol – A (BPA))



–          Go BPA Free


Safest option for home food storage in terms of the
Handling Plastic material should not be exposed to heat



Glass can be easily washed at high temperatures in the dishwasher


Overall Provided plastic containers are wisely chosen and proper handling guidelines are followed, there is no cause for concern associated with usage of plastic for storage of bulk-bin items



With efficient container organization of the pantry, gone are the days of having few partially open bags of buckwheat laying around. You can easily store and organize your dry food items with the help of containers. With that in mind, sometimes I find that not all content of the quinoa bag fits in the container. For those cases, I do have a bag where I put all those “small extras” which I check before purchasing anything new.


I am always amazed by women who make their kitchen experience to be seemingly effortless and gastronomically enticing adventure. I fully realize the potential of the kitchen space in the house. In fact, I absolutely love the nurturing and entertaining aspects of the kitchen derived experience. That said, I personally have a very hard time relating to the kitchen space which is why pantry organization was extremely challenging at the point of conceptualization: What gastronomical choices will my partner and I agree on? What ingredients do I need to have on hand at all times? What things do I need to have within arm- reach and what items could be stored further away? How can I zone my pantry to create flow? Once I was able to sort things in my mind, it was time for execution of #pantrygoals



PS. If pantry organization can certainly be seen as a challenge by some, maintenance of the order in the pantry is a continuous process for all. As such, here are few pantry maintenance tips:

–           Take time to clean the inside of your pantry on regular basis in order to avoid infestation of pantry moths and cockroaches. Clean all the containers and shelves regularly. Check that all lids and tops of the jars are tightly/ properly sealed. Place all newly bought packages of dry goods in the freezer for 15 minutes or so in order to kill any weevils before de-canning into the airtight containers. Once your pantry space is clean, you can place couple of bay leaves in the corner of each shelf as pantry moth deterrent. To keep inquisitive bugs at bay, you can place Epsom salts in the corner of the bottom shelf.

–          Control moisture level in your pantry. Generally speaking, using airtight containers will keep moisture at bay. That being said, you can treat moisture level of your pantry by placing an open container of bicarbonate of soda or a commercial desiccant.


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