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My skincare routine: Outline

Development of a skin care routine is a very personal experience. While coming to develop my perspective on skin care, I have certainly discussed and explored many theoretical and practical alternatives. For example, proponents of natural skin care suggest that the skin will derive all it needs from the nutrients we ingest. I see the truth in those words; however, I also know that the epidermal layers of the skin do not contain blood vessels in order to supply cells with nutrients. Unique protein and lipid structure of epidermis prevents the circulation of extracellular fluid which is why epidermis is provided with less nutritional support than underlying cells. This tells me that there is certainly some (even if limited) room to realize the benefits of topical skincare products. While I do believe in active use of skincare products, I do realize their limitations. As such, I do not buy into the myth that the more expensive the product is, the more effective it is.

There seem to be numerous myths and misperceptions built around “absolute” skincare truths which make it very easy for the companies to market the products without actually delivering the promised results. K- beauty, the gold standard of facial skincare, as well as western approach are both abundant with miracle ingredients, products and skincare steps and yet I side with what Kevin O’Leary from Canada’s TV show “Dragon’s Den” and the US version “Shark Tank” said: “The next closest industry for profit margins to the skin care industry is the drug trade.” In short, if you understand the ageing mechanism (bone – muscle – skin mosaic), then you will be able to realize limitations of the skincare products. Once you know how our skin works and what it needs, you will be looking for product formulations specifically addressing your needs. This aware approach will certainly help you achieve desired results without unsubstantiated spending.

Here are few things about my skincare regimen. The information mentioned here is rather brief and general. However, if you would like to know more on any particular aspect, please refer to FaceBook: Skin Care Manual I (Cosmetic Skincare)


In order to develop well balanced skincare routine please keep in mind that:

1)      Ensure that you preserve the integrity of acid mantle

–          Know the effect that products with different pH levels can have on the skin and acid mantle. As a rule of thumb, human skin is considered to have a natural pH balance of 4 – 5.5 (slightly acidic)

2)      Ensure balanced care of cosmetic products:

–          Identify which active ingredients your skin needs and understand their solubility (whether they dissolve in water or oil)

–          Incorporate and ensure the balance of hydration (water ) and lipid barrier protection (oil)

3)      Between the 11 pm and 6 am, our skin renews itself and regenerates new skin cells. This is the reason why treatment products rich with skincare nutrients are advisable.

4)      During the nighttime, our skin is more permeable: it is warmer which is what makes it more receptive to the skincare products you apply. That said, if things can get in, things can get out too. Meaning to say that warmer skin is prone to perspiration and water loss. As such, transepidermal water loss is high.

5)      Due to the overnight purification through perspiration and water loss, the skin is dry and the barrier might be impaired. As such, hydration and UV protection are essential part of morning routine to replenish the skin and shield it from external damaging factors.


AM – targeted Cosmetic Skincare Routine

Major Goal Skincare Guideline Skincare product properties Products



Protective state:


The skin is exposed to and needs to protect itself from the  threats from the external environment: UV rays, pollution, transdermal water loss, weather, make-up, etc



Skincare products you use should act to shield against external and environmental threats


–          UV protection

–          Light in texture:

Fast absorption for ease of layering the products and make – up application


–          Super hydrating


1) Face wash / Micellar water

2) Toner

3) Serum

4) Facial oil

5) Moisturizer + SPF Broad Spectrum

6)Make – up



Day: Cosmetic Skincare for Maintenance

During the day, our skin might sweat and pollutants tend to find a breeding spot on our skin. It is best to use thermal water in order to address the presence and growth of bacteria on the skin, especially if you are about to reapply make-up or sunscreen.



PM – targeted Cosmetic Skincare Routine

Major goal Skincare guideline Skincare product properties Products



Repair and renewal mode



The safe and controlled environment provides perfect opportunity for the skin to regenerate new skin cells and cycle oxygen and nutrients




Skincare products you apply should work to treat from any external and environmental damages caused during the day


Also, skincare products should enhance internal processes happening during the night


–          Thick and rich in texture:

Slower absorption but more intensive action


–          Nourishing and moisturizing


Best time for:

–          Facial acids

–          Retinol

–          Vitamins

–          Antioxidants



1)      Oil Cleansing Method (Coconut oil)

2)      Face wash / Micellar water

3)      Toner / Micellar water

4)     Exfoliation (Facial acids)

5)     Essence

6)      Serum

7)     Coconut oil


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