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Feng Shui in Skin Care

 The ancient Chinese art and practice of Feng Shui aims to create a space that allows chi or qi – the energy of the universe – to flow naturally. One way to achieve this is to ensure the balance of the 5 basic elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Following is the brief introduction to the 5 elements of Feng Shui encompassing the Yin – Yan nature of all things that exist.







The only element that creates itself, courageous, compassionate

Element of alchemy, grateful and passionate

Grounded, enduring, nourishing

Strong, long lasting, it commends us to be harmonious in our connection with others


Shapeshifter taking the form of its environment, it raises faith and will within us


Reaches for the skies but can be broken if too sturdy. Complex and multifaceted










Moves quickly and without warning, its destructive nature is the catalyst to begin again









Nourishing and wise














Linear, determined, protective and piercing










Deep and unknown, it can be calm as well as turbulent






– Overwhelm

– Abyss

– Persuasive

– Desire

– Faith



Abundance of fertility, it seeks to create. It is the breeze which cleanses the air










Transformative, sheds light on situations encouraging new perspective









Movable and reliable












Rigid yet yielding, utilitarian yet luxurious










Healing, brings clarity and vision to communication and desire for life










Given that all 5 elements are present in all that exists, it is reasonable to assume that we as people represent those elements psychologically as well as physically.

Psychological manifestation of 5 Feng Shui elements in people:








Energy that seeks to create and achieve


Energy of burning passion, desire and excitement


Energy that provides and  nurtures


Energy seeks perfection

Energy of wisdom


Natural States of Being


Do and Achieve





Passion: To Excite and to be Excited




Harmonize and Perfect


Feel and Be

People who: -Seek to create to better the world

-Seek space and scale for achievement and manifestation

-Multifaceted, eclectic in interests and pursuits

-Focused, determined

-Ambitious, and goal oriented

-Enthusiasm and optimism

-Need continuous movement and love physical exercises




-Very sociable and communicative

-Seek new experiences

-Passion for life and all it has to offer

-Able to appreciate even the simplest things

-Need genuine and dependable relationships

-Restless in terms of mood, actions and efforts

-Love the emotional “high” but tend to make quick decisions and unsubstantiated actions

-Cannot stand monotonous tasks, projects and people


-Generous and giving

-Kindness and compassion

-Nurturing that anticipates people’s needs

-Full focus on relationships with others, family

 -Amazing hosts and home makers

-Build and nurture community around them

-Perfectionists who are extremely sensitive to details and precision. Any deviation from perfection hurts / frustrates them

-Very sharp and thorough


-Understand people’s deepest nature by reading their aura

-Appreciate only authentic people and things

-Very elegant


-Extremely sensitive in terms of emotions and feelings

-Seem to know the fundamental truth of life

-Feel deeply


-Fairly slow in their decisions and reactions

-Need time to simply Be, to give space for Water to flow.

-In this state of Being, they achieve their balance and source their wisdom, strength and sustainability

-Need time alone to experience and restore themselves

-People of freedom and slow pace

-Non confrontational 


“Other side” of energetic manifestation

Anger and frustration



When they are limited in their ability to move, create and achieve, they grow angry and frustrated




Melancholy and disappointment



They love the feeling of excitement so when something / someone does not live up to their expectation, they get disappointed. The loss or absence of excitement has them being melancholic



Feeling wounded or hurt by lack of comparable care of them by others


Those people can be intrusive and overbearing meddling into the life of others (while they themselves see it as caring for others).


They need to realize that it is their personal existential need to express care for others. Other people do not owe them love and attention and so cannot be expected to express care to the same degree


Disappointment of existential scale


Being able to pick up on the slightest detail, these people realize again and again how imperfect the world is. Their heightened sensitivity overwhelms them leaving them drained and disappointed





Within the context of rigid boundaries and fast pace, Water turns from Yin state to Yan state: people are unable to process their feelings and emotions so they get overwhelmed by turbulence and fearful of the power it has



How to properly channel the energy as to not be trapped in the “other side” -Need space to act and let the steam off

-Learn how to channel anger

– Need new experiences and sources of excitement  -Understand that it is personal need to express care. As such, give caring energy to others easily without expecting anything in return

-Understand that it is personal need to care so the person negatively affected by lack of expression is self

-Be first to address the needs of self

-Learn how to ask and receive care from others

 -Need time alone or in the perfect and authentic company to restore balance   -Need time to be alone as they tend to get swept away by the scale / depth of their own emotions and feelings

-Need time to make decisions (people of slow pace)

-People of freedom who cannot stand being limited by rigid rules. (Water cannot be contained within given space so that energetic tension and possible explosion to claim more space scare these people as they are non conflicting by nature)

-Not be afraid of tears / Learn how to cry

-Need to realize that they have predisposition to fear. As such, they need to learn how to work with fear 

-When they have a chance to simply BE, they connect with their inner wisdom, strength and depth




Physical manifestation of 5 Feng Shui energies in people:

  Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Face -Very pronounced, bushy and possibly unruly eye brows

-Heavy lower jaw with little indent in the middle (“willful” chin)

-Sharp and focused  eyes

-Cut out face

-Playful and flirtatious eyes

-Crow feet due tendency to smile

-Facial features that are sharp or feel sharp due to edgy mannerism (fox face)

-Skin of warm shades

-Round face 

-Beautiful puffy lips

-Soft chin (a lot of times second chin as well)

 -Pronounced nose (long and sharp)

-Elongated oval of the face

-Calm and peaceful glance

-Very pronounced eyes

-Eyes so deep that you feel you can drown in them

-Well defined chin

-Big ears


Hair   Curly hair 

Unconventional hair cuts 

Men usually start loosing hair early / thinning hair 

    Thick wavy hair
Body Sport oriented body:

-Tall and lean

-Short and muscular

Small hips

Thin bone structures 

 -Volumized and soft body (never thin)

-Very static and well grounded body type with thick, meaty calf muscles

– Women: big chested and have tummy 

-Men:well developed muscles 

 -Thin bone structure which makes people look very fragile

-Elegant hands and ankles

-Overall elegant and ascetic body image

-Soft body contour

-Wide hips

-Wide and strong bones and teeth


Areas affected by improperly channeled energy  – Lines between the eye brows

-Frowning expression 

– Drooping eye brows

-Drooping upper eyelid 

 – Outter corners of the eyes is pointing downwards 

– Drooping lip corners 

 -Drooping lip corners

-Chin squeezed inwards which forms forced second chin and wrinkles on the neck

 -Tired / exhausted facial expression

-Extinguished glance



-Dark circles around the eyes

-Sunken eyes

-Water retention


“Stop and freeze” kind of posture:

-Raised shoulders

-Head tilted back resulting in second chin

-Closed chest area



If you are anything like me then you have probably found yourself wondering about the practical application of above information…  When I originally started to research the topic of skin care, I read seemingly all printed material related to the topic. As I got to know about the ageing mosaic, I eventually understood limitations of cosmetic products and procedures. Knowing about those limitations, I opened myself to the alternative way of thinking where psychological channeling could play a role in our facial and body expressions. Given that the trial of this concept came for free, I figured that skin care could potentially include lifestyle according to the few dominant energies along with proper nutrition and cosmetic skincare routine.
Thanks for reading, 

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