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Dew Point and Hair Care

Curly hair is naturally on the drier side as compared to the straight hair. As such, curly hair is very sensitive to and affected by the presence of moisture in the air. Your hair-do will be greatly affected by the moisture outside so it only makes sense to cooperate with the nature willingly.

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Relative Humidity vs Dew Point

Dew point is a much more stable measure of how much water there is in the air compared to humidity.  When you are going to check weather forecast, you will notice that Humidity is measured in % and Dew Point is measured in degrees.


Dew Point and Hair Care

Dew point (in degrees)



-1C  ( 15 – 30 F) Dry –          Winter months

–          Avoid humectants

–          Use plenty of emollients (moisturizing oils, etc)

–          Use leave – in conditioners

–          Use light- hold products


-1 to 4 C ( 30 – 40 F) Mid – range –          Time in between the seasons / trial and error time

–          Some hair do and some don’t tolerate humectants at this time

–          Use emollients


4 – 16 C ( 40 – 60 F) Best –          Best curls!!!

–          Keep hair moisturized

–          Humectants can be used


16C + (60 F) High –          Use hard hold products are best. You want to control your hair

–          Avoid humectants

–          Use emollients



Dew Point and Humectants

The higher the dew point, the higher the moisture is in the hair and vice versa. Once you understand this statement and its implications, you are fully aware about the proper use of humectants.

BAD In areas where the moisture and humidity is very high (ex. Florida) humectants can overdo their job by absorbing so much moisture that the hair becomes “bloated.” The result? Puffy, frizzy hair, instead of well defined curls and waves. Generally speaking, the higher your hair porosity, the more you may suffer from hair swelling


When there is extremely low humidity conditions, humectants can actually draw water away from the hair shaft causing dryness and breakage!


GOOD Given the ideal dew point outside, the use of humectants can help hair stay bouncy and retain the curl. Using humectants can also make hair feel softer, more elastic and less brittle and also protect hair from dry weather and wind



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