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Eating for Cause: Skin Care

Many physiological processes in our bodies happen in accordance with the rhythm of the nature (circadian rhythm). The topic of “inner clock” sometimes ignites hot debates; however, it is undeniable that we feel well when we are active during the day and sleep during the night. The following dietary plan is based on our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm:

  Purpose Examples
Breakfast Elimination During the night our body is working to clean and restore itself. When we wake up, it is time to take the garbage out. As such, eat foods that aid in bowel movement and elimination



-Fiber rich foods



Lunch Getting energized All cells in the body are actively working. As such, food should nurture and support functioning of the body -Carbs

-Plant based protein



Dinner Restoration As we sleep, our bodies are hard at word doing maintenance, restoration and clean up -Meat / Fish / Chicken




Do not combine animal based protein and carbs!

Drink minimum 2L of water per day


I consider nutrients we ingest to be the most important fuel that propels our bodies. What we eat affects how we feel, how radiant our skin looks, how much our hair shine, etc. As such, it seemed natural that I would combine general nutrient intake framework with cosmetology inspired meal plan. That said, for the information below to make more sense, I would suggest you also read this post: Ageing mosaic: The BIG Picture of Intrinsic Facial Ageing


  Tired skin Muscles keep their tone but skin is depleted and has a lot of small wrinkles


Muscles lost their tone but skin is fairly fresh Muscles are tense and skin is fairly fresh (face will age drastically when time)
Skin Types Stage where our face is just starting to develop signs of aging


Dry skin Oily skin  
Nutrition should address Water retention Lack of water and lipids Support muscle tone and promote water – salt balance


Relax muscles
Focus on -Healthy protein

-Vitamin C

-Min 2L of water per day

-Menu rich in healthy fats / lipids


– Menu rich in healthy proteins

-Min 2L of water per day


Suggested proteins –  Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, herring, etc)

–  Non fatty meats (beef, turkey, chicken)


–  Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, herring, etc)

–  Chicken liver

–  Non fatty meat and fish  
Suggested fats   –  Butter and cold presses plant based oils (olive, flax seed, coconut, etc)


Suggested carbs – All types of cabbages – All veggies and greens


– Pumpkin and lettuce

– Watermelon


– Brown unshelled rice helps with water – salt balance regulation and relaxes tense muscles





– Potassium rich products (bananas, honey, avocado…) help to regulated water – salt balance

–  Products containing sulfur (eggs, garlic, meat, cheese) helps with synthesis of collagen

–  Green tea

–  No carbonated drinks

–  Potassium rich products (avocado, liver, watermelon) to help with water – salt balance

–  Green tea and herbs promoting water – salt balance

–  Avoid salty and spicy foods


–  Avocado

–  Dark chocolate helps to relax muscles



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