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Natural Probiotic: Flax Seed Drink


  • 2 tbsp of flax seeds
  • 1 cup of lukewarm water


1) Combine flax seeds with lukewarm water

2) Leave this mix to work its wonders overnight

3) Optional: Filter the drink by eliminating the seeds with a strain

4) Drink this super potent and gelly-like drink before breakfast  OR add it to your healthy smoothie or shake

*** Please note that you should consume this drink fresh: it is not advisable to store it for few days.


Benefits of flax seed drink consumption

  • Anti-inflamatory properties

Flax seeds help to reduce inflammatory processes that occur in the body as a result of gout, lupus and renal failure

  • Anti-oxidant power

Flax seeds are high in antioxidants which strengthen the stomach, fight bacteria and virus as well as help in production of probiotics

  • Stimulate metabolism of fat (weight loss)
  • Absorb toxic compound from the food
  • Mild Laxative effect
  • Normalize metabolism and work of the intestine

Flax seeds have beneficial effect on stomach lining which is especially appreciated by people suffering from gastritis, gastric ulcer, chronic constipation and hemorrhoids

  • Improved insulin sensitivity / Reduction in glycemic response due to starch consumption
  • Decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced risk of developing cancer
  • Healthy, thigh and elastic skin


Flax seed types

Does the color of flax seeds make a difference its nutritious value? According to some, gold flax seed is superior to brown. According to other sources, brown and gold flax seeds are considered equal in their nutritious value since the difference is only marginal.

The main thing to know is that most brown flax seeds are grown in Canada which is the world leader of flax seed production. Golden flax seed is mainly grown in the U.S. (especially in North Dakota) and is referred to as “Dakota Gold”.  Due to marginal difference between the flax seeds, many statements are more of a marketing strategy of a producer then a reflection of truth.


Brown flax seed

Golden flax seed

Oil content


43 – 44%

Alpha – linolenic fatty acid

(% of total fatty acid)




Brown flax seeds are usually easier to find since they are available in grocery stores as well as in health food stores. Brown flax seeds are sold ground or whole. Golden seeds are typically available only whole and predominantly distributed by health food stores.


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