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Contrast Shower: Scottish Shower on Repeat

During my recent Irish adventure I got to know about the practice of Scottish Shower (hot shower followed by quick cold water rinse). In the morning my body is craving hot water so I was naturally skeptical of cold water breaking my peace. I am still skeptical and very excited at the same time because Scottish shower might be my gateway to contrast showers which I always wanted to make my daily routine.


The concept of contrast shower

Contrast shower involves alternating between hot and cold water multiple times. The idea behind the contrast showering is that hot water causes widening of blood vessels thus increasing the blood flow in the body, while the cold water causes blood vessels to contract while driving the blood inward to the organs. The lymphatic system also relaxes and contracts as you alternate between cold and hot water.

Overall, contrast showers help to “pump” metabolites and stagnant fluids out while allowing fresh blood and lymphatic fluid in.


The technique

The theory behind contrast showers is a lot more complicated than the procedure itself. Following are the steps to follow:


1)      Shower in warm / hot water

2)      Switch flow of water to the hand held shower head and turn on cold water

3)      Apply cold water in bottom – to – top direction when going over each limb and body in general

4)      Adhere to the following order of cold water application: feet (one at a time), arms (one at a time), stomach, chest, back, bottom

5)      Make sure to relax and not spasm while applying cold water to your body

6)      Turn on hot water to warm up

7)      Repeat 3 times

8)      Finish contrast shower with water that is comfortable to the skin (not hot and not cold)


It is important to ensure maximum difference in water temperature while taking contrast shower. Also, the water should be applied in 3:1 proportion: the hot shower should be three times longer than cold shower part.




–          Boost of energy

–          Reduction and relief of respiratory infections and conditions

–          Boost the tone and working of the vagus nerve

–          Stimulation of lymphatic and blood circulation

–          Stimulation of male and female hormone production

–          Facilitation of toxin elimination

–          Escalation of cellular oxidation

–          Reduction of stress level

–          Pain relief


Given all the amazing benefits of contrast showers, they are not recommended for the people who have heart disease, high blood pressure and inflammations of any sort. Also, women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or are on period should avoid contrast showers for the time being.


In Ian Fleming’s novels, Scottish Shower was a favorite of James Bond. In case Scottish Shower will become my favorite as well, I have the system upgrade ready to go.


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