Natural Remedies

Oil Pulling

Concept of oil pulling

“Oil pulling” or “oil swishing” is a natural remedy rooted in Ayurvedic medicine that aims to improve oral health. In fact, there are some studies validating oil pulling as an effective adjunctive! dental technique.


How – to

1)      Take 1 tbsp. of sesame / coconut oil and put it into your mount

2)      Actively swish for 10 – 20 minutes

3)      Spit oil into the trash can

4)      Rinse well with warm water

You can add 1 drop of anti- microbial oil (oregano, tea tree, lemon, etc) into the food grade sesame or coconut oil before putting it in your mouth.

Make sure to spit the oil and never ever ingest it.

Also, it is best if you brush teeth before doing the oil pulling practice. Brushing teeth and cleaning the tongue aggressively removes oral biofilm and reconditioning of it is the point of oil swishing.

Finally, you can do oil pulling any time of the day. That being said, the best practice assumes oil pulling being done first thing in the morning since our bodies are in the natural clean – up mode during the am hours.


Body Detox properties of oil pulling

Detox properties of oil pulling have not been scientifically proven yet. Such claims are based on Ayurvedic principles of body functioning.


Lymphatic system

Much of our body is made of water. Part of the water is in our bloodstream, but far more resides in our lymphatic system. In fact, the lymphatic system is estimated to be twice the size of our circulatory system:  our bodies are equipped with twice as much lymph as blood and twice as many lymph vessels as blood vessels. What is lymph? Lymph is a fluid that “hosts” body cells and transports various nutrients to the cells. Lymph is also responsible for carrying cell wastes / debris away from the cells and turning them over to the blood. The blood is then directing the wastes to kidneys, lungs, colon and skin for elimination.


Lymphatic system and oil pulling

Lymph from the nose, lips and teeth drain though lymph nodes in the floor of the mouth. By swishing the oil in the mouth, oil is able to trap oil – soluble toxins present in the lymph. Oil will be expelled and toxins will not be re-absorbed back into the body.

Also, unlike blood, the lymphatic fluid is not pumped but rather squeezed through vessels when we use our muscles. Oil swishing activates oral muscles and salivary glands which in turn promotes movement of lymph.


Have you ever heard about oil pulling before? Have you ever tried oil pulling yourself?



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