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The Winter Is Coming: Colds Edition

As calendar summer is approaching its end, fall season is starting to manifest its presence … at first slowly and then progressively more. Why talk about fall now? Well, due to big seasonal swings in barometric pressure, temperature and wind, the biggest surge in human rhinovirus infections occurs in the fall. Given the approach of the fall season, the topic of boosting the immune system becomes more and more relevant.

While cold weather cannot make you sick, cold weather can make you more likely to get sick because:

–          Cold and dry air cuts down on the healthy mucus that is supposed to coat areas of respiratory system. As a result, the airways and nasal passages become more susceptible to infections and microbial growth

–          Cold weather encourages people to spend time indoors where there tends to be dry heat and poor ventilation. As a result, the chance of transmission and susceptibility to the cold increases

Since it is not the cold weather but gems that make people sick, flu vaccines are developed every year to help combat the strongest anticipated viruses.  Given the presence of mercury in the vaccines, many people dismiss well-advertised flu vaccines and resort to natural remedies.


Flu vaccines


Types of vaccines
Egg – based Cell – based


Flu virus is injected into a fertilized hen’s egg and replicated for several days. After, the virus is extracted from the fluid of the egg, inactivated and finally purified in order to be used as a flu shot


The virus is injected into the cultured mammalian cells. The rest of the process is the same as the one used to derive egg-based vaccine Manufacturers isolate the HA protein, which induces an immune response in humans, and combine them with portions of another virus that grows well in insect cells. Once the mixing of the virus is done, it is replicated. Later, the protein is extracted and purified



Egg – based vaccine is the most common among available vaccine options. This means that people allergic to eggs, should consult with the doctor regarding the course of action.


Natural immune system boost

As much as it is impossible to avoid an occasional cold, it is possible to support the body in order to mitigate the extent of the sick time. I prefer to avoid flu shots and antibiotics which makes first response that much more urgent and important.

The following practice is borrowed from one of the bloggers that I follow and look up to:

1 Ingest Enterosgel 2 tbsps. of Entorosgel followed by o.5 glass of water


Repeat 2 – 3 times a day until full recovery


2 Do nasal irrigation


Dolphin kit
3 Gargle with ACV Delude 3 tbsps. Of ACV in  0.5 glass of warm water Gargle every few hours


Alternate with soda – salt – water mix (1 tsp of soda; 1 tsp of salt; 0.5 glass of warm water)


4 Ingest      Ester – C Ester – C (500 mg) Ingest 30 minutes after Enterosgel


Take Ester – C 3 times a day ( 1 pill every 3 – 4 h) until full recovery


*Kids between the age of 7 and 16 should take 1 pill of Ester – C per day


5 Spray Strepsils (Red) After morning routine and breakfast are complete, gargle and do 1 spray of Strepsils (Red). Do not eat / drink for an hour after



6 Co – E1 Co – E1 (20 mg) CO- E1 20 mg pill when need boost of energy; during /after sickness, competition; after the flight



–          Rest as much as possible

–          Drink a lot of fluid

–          Substitute black tea for homemade cranberry or ginger teas

–          Do not exercise / avoid physical activity

–          Avoid gluten, dairy and meat

–          Use humidifier in order to avoid dryness of airways



For more details regarding my vitamin schedule, please refer to the following post.

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