Daily Skincare Routine

Base of daily routine

  Morning Evening
Cleansing Micellar water Oil cleansing method / Face wash
Toning Green tea* Micellar water
Serum   Serum**
Massage Massage  (15:50 – 16:54)


Cream Squalane oil / Embryolisse Coconut oil
Other Sunscreen  
  Finish 1 h before going outside Finish 3 – 4 h before going to sleep


*You can make green tea toner from the first brew of loose leaf green tea. Generally speaking, you should slightly cool freshly brewed green tea and apply it on the skin using the cotton ball. If you do not have couperose, you can make green tea ice cubes in order to apply the toner along the massage lines

If your skin can not get enough of green tea, it is a sure sign that your skin does not get enough nutrients from the products you are using

**It is better to purchase professional / medical cosmetics. Professional – use serums are not meant for continuous daily use but rather have to be used 2 – 3 times a week. As such, you should have few serums in order to alternate them throughout the week. Alternatively, you can use serum and alternate it with green tea toner (even if it means applying green tea morning and night)

*** Embryolisse is a great cream for soothing the skin. It can be applied atop the squalane /coconut oil and works perfectly as make – up base. For the sake of saving the space during the trips, Embryolisse can substitute all other creams



Weekly schedule of extra care activities

Day Procedure in addition to the standard skincare routine Details
Sunday ACV Peel Do before 6 pm to avoid swelling :

–          Wash face with micellar water

–          Put 5 tblps. ACV in a small cup

–          Apply ACV using cotton ball on the dry skin (avoid eye area)

–          Repeat for 1 – 2 minutes as ACV gets fully absorbed into the skin

–          Take water and baking soda and press it to the skin

–          Wash the skin with water

–      Optional: Bioceptin / Enterosgel mask

–          Apply coconut oil

–          Optional: re-apply coconut oil upon need in 30 minutes

Sunday Bioceptin / Enterosgel mask –          Apply gel to the face and neck area

–          Cover the skin with

–          Lay down for 15 – 20 min for the gel to full absorb into the skin

–          After 20 minutes, take off the cover and:

If the skin feels irritated, wash off the mask and wait 30 minutes before applying coconut oil to the skin

If the skin has no discomfort, evenly   distribute the remains of the gel across the skin and leave it on

Monday Mineral – Rich Magnetic Mask by ALIVER –          Can use dermaroller prior to doing the mask


–          Not allowed to wash the face for 6 h following the mask procedure

Tuesday   Skin care routine using serum
Wednesday Skin care routine using serum
Thursday   Skincare routine using serum
Friday Microdermabrasion by Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion + skincare routine using serum and oil
Saturday   Skincare routine using serum




Care for the area around the eyes

–          Do eye patch masks 2 times a week. Hydrating patches are suitable for summer season and nourishing ones are for the winter season

–          Thin slice of fresh potato can be a good substitute for the eye patches. As you lay down, keep thin slice of fresh potato on each eye for 10 minutes

–          Enterosgel mask can be applied to the area around the eyes. To strengthen the effect, you can also place potato slice on top

–          Dermaroller can be used on the area around the eyes; however, proceed with great care



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