Trusted Traveler Programs



  Global Entry


Objective Expedited US customs screening for international air travelers when entering  US


Expedited pedestrian / vehicle entry into US or Canada


Expedited processing into US or Canada following select international flight


Expedited US customs screening for those frequently travelling between US and Mexico (vehicle / pedestrian entry)


Additional benefit TSA Precheck option i.e. separated application Expedited marine entry into USA from Canada


Access to TSA Precheck expedited lanes


Program eligibility US citizens and lawful permanent residents


Canadian citizens and lawful permanent residents are eligible for Global Entry benefits through membership in the NEXUS program


Citizens of Argentina, India, Colombia, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Mexico


Citizens of USA and Canada  
Administrator of the program


USA Canada USA
Length of membership 5 years 5 years 5 years
Cost $100 USD (Global entry)




$85 USD (TSA Precheck)


$50 USD $122.50 USD


NEXUS Program

NEXUS program is a bi-national (Canada – US) program that aims to facilitate crossing of respective borders of pre-approved and low – risk travelers at designated air, land and marine ports of entry:

1)      Air

When travelling on domestic, US – bound and select international flights, NEXUS members can be expedited through Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) airport security screening lanes at 16 Canadian airports.  NEXUS members must present their valid NEXUS pass in order to access the Trusted Traveller CATSA Security Line.

Canadian and USA citizens can use their NEXUS membership at Global Entry kiosks regardless of where they are coming from. That said, if Canadian citizens travel holding only NEXUS card (no passport), they can use Global Entry kiosks at the following designated Canadian airports with USA Preclearance: Calgary (YYC), Edmonton (YEG), Halifax (YHZ), Montreal (YUL), Ottawa (YOW), Toronto (YYZ), Vancouver (YVR), Winnipeg (YWG). Once the identity of the NEXUS member has been confirmed, the member is able to use the touch screen kiosk in order to answer standard customs and immigration questions. In case there is a need to see an immigration officer, NEXUS members get front – of –the-line privileges (same as Global Entry members).

If you arrive in USA on a flight that has not been pre-cleared by the CBP in Canada, Global Entry kiosks cannot be used by passengers only holding a NEXUS card, and the regular inspection lanes have to be used.

2)      Land

When you use one of the 21 locations with authorized NEXUS lane to enter Canada or USA, you should stop the vehicle and hold the card in front of the proximity card reader. Once NEXUS card is recognized, proceed to the booth for visual inspection by CBSA or CBP officer. Unless you are directed to an inspection area, you can proceed into Canada or USA.

NEXUS pass holders can also use their cards in dedicated SENTRI lanes along USA – Mexico border. Please note that prior vehicle registration for SENTRI lanes is required.


3)      Water

There are approximately 450 locations where NEXUS card could be used for entering Canada when travelling by boat.


Regulations around NEXUS and Global Entry Programs:

1)      If you are a member of NEXUS program, you can travel to USA and Canada for one fee. That said, you will need to be interviewed by both governments

2)      If you first became a member of Global Entry and joined NEXUS program at a later date, you can let your Global Entry pass expire until your NEXUS pass is no longer valid. You can then re-apply for NEXUS pass with full Global Entry privileges

3)      When you renew either program, you have to submit an entirely new application and do a new interview

4)      If you renew your passport during the validity terms of either NEXUS or Global Entry pass, you must enter a new number into both systems. Global Entry pass information can be updated online. NEXUS program requires the passport to be presented to Canadian official in person

5)      If you do not make timely and proper update of new passport info in Candaian NEXUS program, your Global Entry as well as your NEXUS pass will not work at the kiosk when you try to enter USA with NEXUS pass

6)      NEXUS is half price of Global Entry; however, it provides the benefits of both programs




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