Journaling Ritual


  • Establish your journaling objectives

In order enjoy and consistently indulge into the writing ritual, you should establish the practical purpose of journaling first.

Journaling can be used as a way to channel and develop creative flow. It can also be used as a tool for observing personal patterns as well as expressing utmost personal feelings and emotions. Journaling can serve the purpose of a registrar of daily events and facts.

If you ask me, I think journaling is an amazing tool to bring up the issue that are emotionally charged.

  • Establish access boundaries

Once you establish your journaling objectives, you will be able to assess the importance of privacy of the content. You decide whether your journal can be easily available to others or whether you prefer to have it for your eyes only. Whatever is your decision, it is best to clearly manage the expectations with your partner, roommate or kinds in order to avoid potential surprises.

If you are like me and privacy is of vital importance, find storing place so secure that you are able to journal without holding back. Be frank, bold and unafraid to express your thoughts as they come… Journaling provides a great opportunity to express your immediate and automatic reactions to the events so do not sensor the flow of your thoughts. You can write and observe your own reactions in case you want to make any changes in the future.

  • Choose journaling medium

The next step is to choose a medium that works best for you: long writing, computer, phone apps, etc. There are plenty of convenient and comfortable options so it is a matter of personal preference.

As for me, nothing beats the old – fashioned pen and paper. Through handwriting, I am able to truly connect with and understand the words and thoughts that I express. The insights and learning opportunities of such practice are innumerable.

  • Make time

Truth be told, schedule, frequency and length of each writing session will largely depend on your journaling objectives. With that in mind, it is best to set the schedule and time limit for each journaling session. Once you are clear of your objectives and have established appropriate time frame, your mind will be trained to be most prepared for journaling.

I usually arrive to the office before my colleagues do. Having 30 minutes of quite time alone, I prefer to use my time wisely. Having said that, at the time of crisis, I tend to journal for hours on end.


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