Toronto Favourites


Toronto is a very diverse city with numerous parks and beach walks, interesting museums, cozy restaurants and unique bars. There are plenty of amazing places to discover; however, Distillery District and Yorkville became my instant Toronto favorites:


Distillery District

Distillery District is a popular pedestrian- only historic site located just few minutes away from downtown Toronto. Originally the land belonged to the Gooderham and Worts Distillery which was the largest distillery in the world in 1860s. In the late 20th century, the winding – down distillery operations and city’s decision to deindustrialize the surrounding area, left the district fairly empty and open for redevelopment. By 2003, the Victorian – era industrial architecture was restored and became a host for the city’s vibrant arts, culture and entertainment scene. There are few art galleries with quite distinct views on contemporary art. There are numerous stores and vintage boutiques that could keep you engaged for hours. There are few cozy coffee shops to spend some warm quality time in. Balzac’s ambiance and drink selection are particularly amazing. Given boos –filled past of Distillery District, the experience would be incomplete without plethora of bars to choose from. Interestingly enough, there is even a Beer School admitting legal – age students for guided tastings on Friday nights. Being one of the hottest attractions of Toronto, Distillery District offers number of award winning restaurants that you should care to make prior dining arrangements for.



No visit to Toronto is complete without visiting Yorkville, the most elegant shopping and dining area of the city. Village of Yorkville was originally established as separate of Toronto in 1830. By 1880, the population grew so much that the cost of delivering services to the population exceeded the Village’s ability which prompted the Village to petition the Toronto government to be annexed. Despite being absorbed by the big city and re-development of the area, Yorkville was able to preserve its Victorian styled architecture and develop rather bohemian character. Today Yorkville has luxury hotels and residences, upscale designer boutique, antique stores, art galleries, restaurants, cafes and offices. Royal Ontario Museum and University of Toronto are located right next to the area of Yorkville waiting to be discovered.



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