Happy New Year!!!!

In my family, the night of the New Year has always been celebrated as one of the most inspiring and magic –filled times of the year… I will never forget the sweet anticipation of the New Year as we were installing and decorating the “Christmas” tree with my family, practicing poem recitals for the numerous holiday parties, preparing hand- made presents for relatives and most importantly voicing the wishes for presents from relatives …. In later years, I was encouraged to be more efficient and ambitious with my wishes: be excited about gifts from the relatives but be truly fired up by the wishes you make for your own conduct affecting the year ahead.


If only New Year wishes were truly effectively implemented, New Year resolutions would not have had the reputation that they typically do. Even if the most personally relevant New Year resolution was set, eventual outsourcing the responsibility to someone else seems to interfere with realizing the wish into reality. As such, I was recently introduced to the following framework of New Year resolution making which could also serve as a great reminder of who is the boss here:

1)      What will make you truly happy in the New Year?

2)      What should happen and to whom it should happen in order for your wish to come true?

3)      Who is responsible for making your wish to become a reality?


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