Aphrodisiac Side of Whatcom County, WA

I have recently read that according to the legend, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, the notorious 18th century lover, ate 50 oysters each morning for breakfast in order to increase his sexual stamina. This peculiar fact came into my mind while enjoying oysters galore in Whatcom County, WA where we went over the weekend. In the light of upcoming St. Valentines Day, oyster fest sounds like a perfectly reasonable menu and adventure for the day. Curious yet?

Chuckanut Drive

Chuckanut Drive is a 20- mile scenic roadway along Washington State Route 11. There are amazing viewpoints along the way as well as many point of interest to explore: Larrabee State Park, Whatcom Falls Park, Chuckanut Trailhead, Teddy Bear Cove… We visited some of the sights but truth be told the following restaurants made the biggest impression on me during this trip:

Lone old – fashioned roadhouse on the bank of Samish Bay is not easily recognized as THE famous Chuckanut Manor so make sure to pay attention as you look for this oyster heaven. The exterior of the building facing the road does not give a clue of the ambiance and beauty contained within. The interior design, the music playlist, the view, the service…. everything is carried out with so much grace that the place enchants immediately. Or was it oysters’ talking already?

Taylor Shellfish Farms are an amazing off the beaten path oyster experience with picnic tables and Weber charcoal grills situated on the secluded waterfront area. Once you purchase the oysters in the store, you can choose to shuck or grill them right on the patio where the whole floor is cover with the oyster shells. Given the ambiance, the patio gets only more romantic on cloudy or stormy day.



Lighthouse Bar and Grill is a perfectly cozy place with live music on Fridays. The restaurant is decorated with a lot of dark brown polished wood so the light from the fireplace creates beautiful bleaks and shadows. The music is so tasteful and the food is so tasty that leaving that restaurant might give you a separation anxiety unless you are staying in the Lighthouse Suite of Hotel Bellwether where the restaurant itself is located.



Truth be told, Food and Drug Administration insists that there is no scientific evidence to confirm existence of foods with aphrodisiac properties. Since the new revelation officially debunks chocolate’s claim to St. Valentine’s Day fame, why not indulge in alternative treats like oysters


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