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October: One Visit Will Get You Thinking

During the month of October, libraries and library partners across Canada raise awareness of the value created by the library resources and services. At the time of my childhood, I perceived libraries as book storage space that I could easily visit from time to time. Over the years, much has changed in terms of my… Continue reading October: One Visit Will Get You Thinking


Looking Out Of Johari Window

During recent corporate training session, I was introduced to Johari Window model which immediately got my attention. I personally like exploring tools that promote self – awareness and help to maximize one’s potential.    What is Johari Window? Johari Window is a psychological tool that is used to increase self – awareness and understand one’s image… Continue reading Looking Out Of Johari Window


Trusted Traveler Programs

    Global Entry   NEXUS SENTRI Objective Expedited US customs screening for international air travelers when entering  US   Expedited pedestrian / vehicle entry into US or Canada   Expedited processing into US or Canada following select international flight   Expedited US customs screening for those frequently travelling between US and Mexico (vehicle /… Continue reading Trusted Traveler Programs


Thanksgiving: Inventory On All Levels

As farmers are gathering the crops now, they are also taking time to do the inventory. Drawing on the analogies and inspired by the upcoming Thanksgiving, my coworker suggested taking an inventory of life (evaluate physical, emotional and mental health; assess personal resources; measure satisfaction with life; acknowledge realized / unrealized dreams, past regrets, hopes… Continue reading Thanksgiving: Inventory On All Levels

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It Didn’t Start With You

Transgenerational trauma is trauma that is transferred from first generation of trauma survivors to the second and further offspring of the survivors. Essentially, transgenerational trauma is understood as a process where unhealed issues of prior generations are carried over onto and expressed by the following generations. In the context of transgenerational trauma, family /community /society… Continue reading It Didn’t Start With You