Aphrodisiac Side of Whatcom County, WA

I have recently read that according to the legend, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, the notorious 18th century lover, ate 50 oysters each morning for breakfast in order to increase his sexual stamina. This peculiar fact came into my mind while enjoying oysters galore in Whatcom County, WA where we went over the weekend. In the light of upcoming St. Valentines… Continue reading Aphrodisiac Side of Whatcom County, WA

Book Club

Antidote to Chaos of 2019

  As a child, I absolutely hated reading. As an adult, often times I find my escape and inspiration in books. In search of the next good read, I recently stumbled upon “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” in the “New and Hot” section of the bookstore. Apparently a few of my co-workers… Continue reading Antidote to Chaos of 2019


Looking Out Of Johari Window

During recent corporate training session, I was introduced to Johari Window model which immediately got my attention. I personally like exploring tools that promote self – awareness and help to maximize one’s potential.    What is Johari Window? Johari Window is a psychological tool that is used to increase self – awareness and understand one’s image… Continue reading Looking Out Of Johari Window