Happy New Year!!!!

In my family, the night of the New Year has always been celebrated as one of the most inspiring and magic –filled times of the year… I will never forget the sweet anticipation of the New Year as we were installing and decorating the “Christmas” tree with my family, practicing poem recitals for the numerous… Continue reading Happy New Year!!!!


Journaling Ritual

Establish your journaling objectives In order enjoy and consistently indulge into the writing ritual, you should establish the practical purpose of journaling first. Journaling can be used as a way to channel and develop creative flow. It can also be used as a tool for observing personal patterns as well as expressing utmost personal feelings… Continue reading Journaling Ritual


Kitchen under Control: #PantryGoals

If your pantry is perfect…ly messy, the world of home organization ideas has a lot to offer and maybe even surprise you with. Pantry is certainly reflective of our culinary preferences, lifestyle choices, perception of flow and organizational creativity given design of the space. As such, pantry is an extremely personal space which cannot be… Continue reading Kitchen under Control: #PantryGoals