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Bloody Buddy: Menstrual Cups

What are menstrual cups? Menstrual cups are bell-shaped cup that seal against the vaginal wall just below the cervix in order to collect menstrual fluid as opposed to absorbing it as tampons and pads do.   Pros’a and Con’s of Menstrual Cup Use Menstrual Cups Pro’s Con’s -          Potentially reduce cramps Many think that cramps… Continue reading Bloody Buddy: Menstrual Cups

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Romancing and Baby Dancing

Ways to monitor restore and enhance your reproductive health: Pelvic Floor Therapy First and foremost, pelvic floor issues do not seem to have direct effect on male or female fertility. That said, pelvic floor issues cause difficulties in sexual function making intercourse unpleasant and even painful. As such, baby dancing aside, pelvic floor examination and… Continue reading Romancing and Baby Dancing

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Eating for Cause: Menstrual Cycle

  Menstrual cycle phase Properties of the phase Overall dietary guideline Do’s Don’t’s Follicular The body is preparing for the potential pregnancy by cleansing and maturing the egg   Food to support internal “building” processes The time when we can and should consume the most food during the month Ensure variety of nutrients and proper… Continue reading Eating for Cause: Menstrual Cycle

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Fibroids: What are they and how they come to be?

Few weeks ago during a dinner with my girlfriends my friend said that she has an ultrasound appointment where she might be put under the anaesthesia. Ultrasound does not seem like an invasive procedure so I was curious about the reason. At that point my friend said that she had extensive bleeding for three weeks… Continue reading Fibroids: What are they and how they come to be?

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Healthy Lifestyle: Knowledge Check – In

As the saying goes, “The expert at anything was once a beginner”. As a way of marking my starting point when it comes to knowledge of health care and healthy lifestyle, I decided to put together the following table: Dietary components Fat, Protein and Carbs Vitamins and Minerals Vitamins Minerals Probiotics and Prebiotics Flax Seed… Continue reading Healthy Lifestyle: Knowledge Check – In