Exfoliation Endevour: Dermaplanning

What is Dermaplanning? Dermaplanning is a method of exfoliation performed by a professional esthetician in the spa salon. Dermaplanning is a safe and painless exfoliation procedure which involves using a 10 gauge surgical scalpel to gently scrape off vellus hair as well as dead skin cells in order to reveal a smooth and bright complexion.… Continue reading Exfoliation Endevour: Dermaplanning


Moisture + Hydration 2.0: Aloe Vera and Fenugreek Seeds Infused Coconut Oil Pre – Poo

Ingredients: 2  cups of coconut oil (organic, cold pressed) 1  cup of fenugreek seeds (organic) Directions: 1)      Optional: Place fenugreek seeds on a tray in order to remove any impurities 2)      Optional: Heat up the seeds while on a try in order to warm up the oils 3)      Optional: Blend fenugreeks seeds in order to maximize the amount… Continue reading Moisture + Hydration 2.0: Aloe Vera and Fenugreek Seeds Infused Coconut Oil Pre – Poo


Looking Out Of Johari Window

During recent corporate training session, I was introduced to Johari Window model which immediately got my attention. I personally like exploring tools that promote self – awareness and help to maximize one’s potential.    What is Johari Window? Johari Window is a psychological tool that is used to increase self – awareness and understand one’s image… Continue reading Looking Out Of Johari Window


Trusted Traveler Programs

    Global Entry   NEXUS SENTRI Objective Expedited US customs screening for international air travelers when entering  US   Expedited pedestrian / vehicle entry into US or Canada   Expedited processing into US or Canada following select international flight   Expedited US customs screening for those frequently travelling between US and Mexico (vehicle /… Continue reading Trusted Traveler Programs